400 Square Foot Walden Tiny House

Walden Tiny HouseThis charming tiny house can be built easily. The tiny home is simple and yet beautiful and the plans can be yours for just $225, from Hobbitat Spaces.
When you purchase a plan from Hobbitat, this is what you receive: – Easy to read building blueprints, Detailed Wall Sections, Floor Plans, Elevations and Foundation Options.

Two exterior doors allow you direct access to the porch and patio outback. The queen-sized bump-out can be used for sleeping or extra space downstairs if you sleep in the loft.
The bath is beautiful with a sink bump out and a comfortable 3’x3′ shower. A 3/4 kitchen with an island bridges the space next to the living area. High windows in the front provide wonderful light and ventilation. The warm and cozy feel can all be yours.Walden Tiny House
Walden Tiny House
Walden Tiny House

Walden Tiny House planThis tiny house gives you everything you need in a rustic home or retreat and by buying the plans you can make it your own. For more information and ordering, go to http://hobbitatspaces.com/product/walden/.

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