Adorable Mini Castle Lets You Sleep Among The Trees

Mini tree castleTree houses are a dream for many kids and adults alike and this adorable mini castle has an enchanting magical feel to it. If you ever dreamed about sleeping among the trees, than you might as well do it as royalty – in a mini castle 🙂
There are six luxury tree houses at Châteaux Dans Les Arbres, hidden in the lush, green Perigord region of France, about 100 miles outside Bordeaux. You can rent them for vacation.
If you are planning for some European adventure in the countryside, then this place is just perfect. It will bring you excitement knowing that you will first have to cross a moat, so you could reach these treetop marvels. Unique cabins are delightful.
You can contemplate from the elevated terrace the panorama of the dense and mysterious treetops…Mini tree castleMini tree castle inside

Mini tree castle insideA chance to feel like a prince or a princess!

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