Beautiful Double Wide Tiny House Is Wonderful

Double wide tiny houseThis wonderful tiny house with an additional slide out is called the Wohlwagen XL and it’s designed and built by Wohlwagen in Goettingen, Germany.
The beautiful tiny house has almost 500 square feet of space and the interior design feels spacious and bright and is the perfect space for all your small house living needs.
You can turn and adjust the stove. The television can be stored in the ceiling whenever you are not using it.
The Wohlwagen XL house on wheels is larger than other tiny house designs, but you can still benefit from small house living. Because your house is small, it’s the perfect opportunity to de-clutter your life. Now let’s explore the interior:Double wide tiny house interiorThe TV is completely adjustable and can be used from almost anywhere in the house.Double wide tiny house interiorMore pictures on the next page:

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