Beautiful Tiny House Retreat On 5 Acres

Tiny retreatThis beautiful tiny house located on five acres alongside Lake Austin was built as a retreat for the family and their friends using natural materials and measuring 480 square feet.
Designed by Black Rabbit Design, the tiny house emulates his painting style and personal lifestyle by using natural materials, minimalist values, and bridging social context within a live-work environment. The overall form takes on an ethos of monumental simplicity which inherently captures panoramic lake views from the steep mountainside terrain.
This tiny home features unique and attractive rain screen siding with floor-to-ceiling windows and a large attached deck.
One of the best features of the home is the floor-to-ceiling glass windows and doors, some of which can be slid open to form one large cohesive area from the living room to the deck.Tiny retreatTiny retreatMore pictures on the next page:

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