Charming Tiny House With Curved Living Roof

Tiny house with curved roofThis is a beautiful and unique tiny house with a curved living roof that makes it very appealing and charming.
This tiny house is located in Portland, Oregon. It is Walker and Heather’s tiny home (@tinylivingbuildings) that they designed and built together with the help of Ben Garratt of Healthy Tiny Homes in Vancouver. The 8×24 tiny house design is classy, modern, whimsical, and unique.
The tiny home really captured the essence of a leaf/nature. They designed the house in-line with nature and environmentalism using recycled materials creatively.
A wonderful example of a beautiful tiny house. Now let’s explore further:Tiny house with curved roofTiny house with curved roofUpstairs, the honeycomb storage also provides privacy.Tiny house with curved roof

Source, image credit: Living Big in a Tiny House.


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