Charming Yurt Tiny Home Design

Yurt tiny homeThe yurt tiny home design is characterized by the round shape and dome roof. While not a traditional look, these charming yurt homes are worth considering if you are looking to get a tiny house.
Smiling Woods Yurts is a reputable company that provides you with the materials to build a yurt to customize on your own. With 5 basic options to choose from, they offer models to fit any need from small tiny home style of 320 square feet up to the extended sizing for nearly 1,000 square feet.
This yurt was started with the basic Birch package and then was built upon to fit this individuals needs. Of course, as a buyer, you are the one who designs the interior decor and chooses things like paneling, lighting, flooring, and even additional rooms or windows if needed.
Circular living provides a balance of looking inward and outward, looking out at the natural environment and surroundings but then coming in again to the self and the hearth.
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