Denali Is A Luxurious And Spacious Tiny House

Denali tiny houseThis charming tiny house with beautiful interior and roomy space stands above many other similar tiny houses. At 37′, this luxurious tiny home has a very well designed interior, plenty of loft space and a side and rear door. Indeed, a spacious delight!
Built by tiny home manufacturer Timbercraft Tiny Homes, The Denali is one their new line of small craftsmen houses that don’t skimp on aesthetic amenities. Outfitted with indulgences like fireplaces, solar-powered stainless steel appliances, vaulted wood ceilings – pretty much everything you’d find in a comfortable suburban home, only, of course, smaller. And on wheels.
The windows open outward, preserving indoor space as they bring in fresh air.
Denali tiny house entranceThe interior of the home has beautiful hardwood floors and an equally lovely hardwood ceiling.Denali tiny house interiorMore pictures on the next page:

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