Off Grid Modular Tiny House

Modular tiny houseThis off grid tiny house is located in a beautiful setting in Desolation Sound, British Columbia. Surrounded by ocean and mountains, it doesn’t get much better than that.
The tiny home was built by Westcoast Outbuildings, a North Vancouver based builder of small modular buildings.
This off grid remote cabin installation was completed in August 2016. The short video on the next page provides good info on what it takes to get a modular tiny house building to a remote off-grid location, and some of the obstacles you might face if this is something you are considering.
It was built in three modules then transported by road to the Port of Vancouver. The off grid house was then transferred to an ocean-going barge and delivered to a remote island located in Desolation Sound. Modular tiny houseThe cabin has 690 square feet and the solar panels provide all the power it needs.Modular tiny house interiorMore pictures on the next page:

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