The Purple Monster Tiny House Is A Roomy Home On Wheels

Purple monster tiny houseTiny house with character and spacious design that provides a nice cozy living for a family.
Built by Tiny Diamond Homes, which is a company known for its very roomy tiny houses, The Purple Monster model is 38 x 10 feet, for a total of 380 square feet.
As they put it: “Our homes stay stable and secure, as a diamond. It takes a master to design, cut, and frame a tiny home that continues to sparkle for generations.”
The Purple Monster sparkles, indeed, and if you’d like a different color, that can be done, as well. All in all, a nice family tiny house. Now let’s take a closer look and tour:Purple tiny houseAs we step inside, we are greeted by a beautiful wood finish.Purple tiny house interiorMore pictures on the next page:

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