Tiny Yurt Cabins Starting At $5,475

Tiny yurt cabinThe compact shape of the yurt and combination of lightweight materials mean that the structure is highly efficient in maximizing strength while minimizing the use of materials. These tiny yurt cabins can be highly beneficial in providing practical, sustainable and eco-friendly solutions for a variety of modern uses.
From energy efficient Custom Curve glass windows to beautiful French doors, the builder – Pacific Yurt – has many options you need to make your tiny cabin a wonderful and unique space of your own.
The wood frame is constructed of beautiful kiln-dried Douglas fir that is sanded and coated with a penetrating oil for a stunning natural finish.
The seven-layer reflective insulation was developed by NASA. It’s covered with an ivory colored fabric for an attractive interior finish. It works by reflecting radiant heat in both directions, keeping the yurt warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.
The wood frame of the yurt cabins can give you a lifetime of use with minimal but regular maintenance on the exterior parts, while the fabric will last up to 15 years.Tiny yurt cabinNow let’s look at examples of the interior:Tiny yurt cabin interiorMore pictures on the next page:

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