Unique Area 55 Futuro House

Futuro houseThis is a truly unique tiny house, an original Futuro House restored for the ultimate Glamping experience!
A memorable place to just disconnect, kick back on the queen size daybed and enjoy, but still have those perks of having some connected amenities when needed.
This vacation rental is like a sci-fi Star Trek experience you will never forget. It is off-grid but there is fresh water for hot outdoor showers and private restrooms, with Outdoor kitchen area with propane grill island to make your favorite food and eat by the fire pit under the stars! You can enjoy many fun board games, and use the solar power for small electronic devices to keep your devices charged.
There are only 85 of these unique Futuro houses in the world, 19 in the USA, and only 1 available where you can stay a night in and that’s AREA 55 in Joshua Tree, California.Futuro houseFuturo houseMore pictures on the next page:

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